Our Process

3 Pillars to Achieve Financial Success

Your financial success is a process by design. We work with you to develop customized financial plans that are both comprehensive yet easy to understand. We complement this plan with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This document is an outline of your risk profile and investment objectives along with parameters to achieve investment success. It enables you to invest confidently, be well-informed of opportunities, set realistic return expectations, discuss provisions to protect your wealth and employ strategies to meet objectives that you help create. It also answers questions you may have, such as:

  • Can I afford my lifestyle choices?
  • How do I avoid outliving my financial resources?
  • What can I do to minimize taxes and maximize inheritance to my family?

Your first step is to carefully map out a customized plan with you before we set out to build your portfolio. We construct a portfolio that will meet your objectives and adhere to your risk profile. Management of risk is always top of mind when we are making any portfolio decisions. We continually produce independent research that helps guide our execution. Our Portfolio Management Program allows for much more flexibility and control in optimizing your portfolio in a timely manner without bothering you at every turn to make investment decisions.

Our staff genuinely cares for your best interest and no question is inconsequential. You can expect quick responses to your inquiries on the same day or within 24 hours. We believe in building relationships with helping you stay constant. Our quarterly Capital Care Newsletters and outgoing client calls to set up in person portfolio reviews are just two ways we stay in touch. We recognize our success is measured by your positive experience, that is why we take great care in meeting these needs.

We perform the necessary due diligence and execution of your detailed plan to steer it on course to meet your stated goals. We aim to ensure that strategies and investments are utilized to minimize the taxes you pay and optimize your investment growth and income. We believe it is important to have tax mitigation strategies in place for both during retirement and final wealth transfer as it can lead to significant savings for you and your estate.

Our goal is for you to manage a sustainable lifestyle well into retirement, where you have the peace of mind of reliable income and inflation protection. This doesn’t simply happen by accident, it requires our process to ask the right questions and test the strength of your financial pillars and to make it stronger. Finally, upon your wishes we can provide guidance for you to leave a living legacy that your family will cherish.