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We know about dreams and we have a process to help bring yours to fruition. Will your goal be to enjoy retirement living in a sunny destination, help a child reach their potential by funding an education or is it to leave a legacy to your family? Financial issues may be complex but our team at the JFL Group bring simplicity and clarity to help you make the right decisions.

“Joeford has always been there to help me when I needed direction or advice. Joeford’s helpful suggestions has had my investments increase while pulling my monthly RRIF payments from my accounts.”
Jane R.

Portfolio Management

Professional Oversight on Your Behalf

With discretionary investment management, we review your account holdings proactively on your behalf.

Managed Accounts are actively monitored and may take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities during market hours. Our process of bulk trading is efficient and saves cost for clients in pricing and currency exchange.

We are compensated by a single management fee and we do not charge commissions or trailer fees, this assures no conflict of interest. Our accredited investor clients have a wide range of excellent investment options and which they qualify for lower minimum investment threshold in the Managed Accounts. We are an independent investment dealer and we only recommend the best strategies and products to meet your needs and goals.

“Very comfortable and reliable. Joeford explains matters in easily understood terms. We are totally satisfied with our service.”
Frank & Hilda G.

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  • Retirement Accounts
  • Education Savings Accounts
  • Non-registered Accounts
  • Tax-free savings Accounts